News that You can Use : Pune  Essar’s Ports business, which operates four terminals on the east and west coasts of India, has registered a 23.5% growth in cargo volumes in FY 2019-20, with a throughput of 49.22 million tonnes (MT).

In terms of their fourth quarter performance, the terminals recorded a 4.63% growth in cargo, with a throughput of 11.08 MT.

Annual Performance

  FY20 (in MT)                FY19 (MT)Growth (%)
50 MTPA Hazira Terminal25.4223.916.32
24 MTPA Vizag Terminal12.879.634.06
20 MTPA Salaya Terminal5.962.15177.21
16 MTPA Paradip Terminal4.974.2118.05

Fourth Quarter Performance

   Q4 FY20 (in MT)          Q4 FY19 (in MT)Growth (%)
50 MTPA Hazira Terminal5.476.07
24 MTPA Vizag Terminal2.983.03
20 MTPA Salaya Terminal1.370.52163.46
16 MTPA Paradip Terminal1.260.9729.90

Speaking on the performance, Mr Rajiv Agarwal, MD & CEO, Essar Ports Ltd, said: “Our focus on driving operational efficiencies and optimising operations has helped in recording strong growth. The heightened activity in the Indian economy has helped us consistently surpass the average sectorial growth rate. While the mitigation measures adopted to control the Covid-19 outbreak have given rise to several limitations, the high mechanization at our facilities have enabled them to continue to operate and service customers, thus allowing them to meet the cargo handling requirements of the nation.”

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